Sleep Solution - Serta Mattress's SUCK!!

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We bought what we thought was a good quality mattress.Wrong!!!

Our Serta mattress which we paid $1,500 for the mattress and pad, started sagging in the middle after 6 months.

And No the warranty wont do you any good. After being on the phone with customer service for 15 minutes, they wanted to know if we had supports under the mattress (yes we did) and also if we had kept a mattess cover on the bed.

The mattress has to sag without you on it at least 1 1/2" before they will do anything and then that is ify.

We were told they only warranty is for workmanship not comfort.

I said, if we are rolling to the center of the bed I am pretty sure that is workmanship.Dont buy a Serta!!

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All beds manufactured in the last 6 or 7 years are ONE sided and can't be flipped. I hear far too many horror stories about Serta beds.


Thats weird. I've had my Serta around 14 years and its still in great shape. Do you rotate and flip your's often?

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